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Smart management starts with blockchain

Parking management is a rapidly emerging market, attracting the attention of technology solution providers and currently valued at $3.8 billion. With an annual growth rate of 7.6%, the market is expected to surpass $5 billion within the next three years.


Attempts have been made to improve customer experience and business operations, but only Park and Walk utilizes blockchain technology, pairing parking spaces, lots, and structures with digital assets and offering automatic payment options. Through geofencing by Google Maps, each parking lot—and even individual spaces—becomes a digital paired asset. Owners can easily set rates and, through smart contracts, control where the financial flow.


Blockchain technology increases the security of Park and Walk data, including transactions and license plate captures, immutably stored on the ledger-based storage protocol. This data can be easily accessed by any authorized stakeholder.

Multiple checks for management

Smart Contracts

Allows management to customize and automate business rules for each of their properties, including rate changes, as well as instantly access account summaries for daily, weekly, monthly, and/or annually.

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Audit Database

Park and Walk features an integrated audit function that allows management to access the Audit Database to track performance across multiple properties. Transactional data is then immutably stored in a ledger-based storage protocol, also known as the blockchain.

Web Portal

Park and Walk provides a robust web application that allows owners and managers to evaluate the overall performance oversee finances, and handle day-to-day operations, including: 

  • Setting rates and enforcement rules

  • Notifying customers through SMS messaging

  • Preparing allow lists

  • Setting promo codes

  • Creating validation parking

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