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Parking Lot and Structure Owners

Simple, Straightforward, Powerful

There are many parking solution providers out there, but only Park and Walk combines new technology, enhanced algorithms, and interfaces to maximize revenue, seamlessly transfer funds, and reduce fees. Park and Walk provides robust reporting, along with the frictionless setup and simple interfaces, giving owners the most comprehensive view of lot performance without any special software or apps.

Easily manage everyday operations

Park and Walk provides a valuable tool for owners through its unique set of features. Our comprehensive web portal gives owners a detailed look at performance, while the simplicity of the mobile view provides enforcers an easy workflow. Using Permanent Data Source and/or Immutable Ledger Technology, consumers are able to audit databases and use smart contracts for more efficient business systems.

Web Portal

Park and Walk offers a robust web application that allows lot owners to evaluate the overall performance of the property, take care of finances, and manage day-to-day operations, including:

  • Setting rates 

  • Enforcing rules

  • Notifying customers through SMS messaging

  • Preparing allow lists for employees and third-party contractors

  • Setting promo codes 

  • Creating validation parking

Smart Contracts

Customize and automate business rules through immutable ledger technology and smart contracts.

Mobile Enforcement

Park and Walk requires only a smartphone and an internet connection for violation enforcement.

Audit Database

The integrated audit function allows owners to access the Audit Database to track finances and lot performance. Transactional data taken from the app is immutably stored in a permanent data source, which facilitates the use of smart contracts.

Run your business effectively and efficiently with Park and Walk.

Lot management improvements at your fingertips
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