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Ready to Park?

It's as easy as Park and Walk

Scan the QR code and go. No need to download another app!

Parking in Three Simple Steps


1.)  Find an open spot and Park

Locate the sign that is prominently displayed in the lot.

2.)  Scan the QR code

Enter phone number and license plate information.

3.)  Choose time needed & Walk

 No lines, no apps to download, and no wasted time.


Receive an automated text reminder when parking pass expiration is approaching. Allowing you to extend time and avoid enforcement or penalties, all without downloading an app.

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parking full.jpg

No more wasted time.

No more unnecessary app.

No more tickets, boots, or tows.

No more waiting in lines to pay.

What is Park and Walk?

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For an hour, overnight, or longer,
Park and Walk is the easiest way to park.

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